Harvi Sahota & Anna Lowder, Principals

A thoughtful artist is always considering his craft — how to innovate, how to improve. That’s how lead designer Harvi Sahota sees the art of home building: a dedication to craft and innovation. His partner, Anna, sees it as an opportunity to create environments that foster friendships, memories, family.

After a decade in real estate and two decades in design, the couple has a fine-tuned understanding of quality and timeless character. Combined with their experience developing custom homes, lofts, retail, restaurants, and third places, the thrill of creating a new project never grows old. Attention to detail and focus on superior results are the center of their projects.

Ronnie Poole, Director of Field Operations

Ronnie is a seasoned veteran of the residential and commercial construction fields. Over a career spanning more than four decades, Ronnie has worked throughout the Southeast overseeing custom residential construction, large multi-family developments, commercial projects including lifestyle centers and malls, and mixed-use developments. Ronnie brought his experience building in Rosemary Beach, Florida, Atlanta and further afield to Hampstead.

Ronnie oversees the operations of Mercer Home, focusing on quality control, company standards, master scheduling, and home buyer experience.

Cedric Beumer, Construction Superintendent

Cedric joined Mercer Home in 2016 as we expanded our home building to meet the demand at Hampstead. Cedric has years of experience with a hands-on construction background. His attention to detail and insistence on an orderly work site and a timely completion makes him a great addition to the team.

Wes Loard, Construction Superintendent

Wes brings decades of building experience and extensive knowledge of the home building process to Mercer Home. Walking clients through the extensive process of creating a new home, Wes lends a smile and a friendly face throughout to make the progress enjoyable. Determined to provide excellent customer service, Wes has a deep understanding of all aspects in our industry and has built our homes in Hampstead, Cloverdale and surrounding areas for decades.

Brooke Johns, Interior Design

Brooke strives to create a flawless process for our clients. Her experience in interior design and construction project management has equipped her with a well-rounded view of home building. Brooke guides our home buyers through the selections process, creating a unique home for each and every client. Her desire is to serve our home buyers by maintaining organization throughout the project, and communicating the design and building process to give clients clarity and assurance. Brooke has a degree in Interior Design from the University of Alabama.

Forrest Meadows, Real Estate Sales

Forrest is the Lead Sales Agent for Mercer Home and Hampstead. Working with Hampstead Community Realty, Forrest helps visitors and homebuyers understand the intrinsic value and lasting appeal of a New Urbanist community like Hampstead. As one of Montgomery’s top performing and most well-respected real estate agents, Forrest makes the home buying process a fun and reassuring experience. His friendly smile will win you over before you even visit a Mercer Home house!

Chuck Gambrell, Accounting & Finance

Chuck brings decades of experience in accounting and financial management within the real estate industry. Chuck leads the accounting side for Mercer Home and oversees the day-today financials - this man keeps an eagle eye out for us! 

A Sampling of our Subcontractors & Suppliers

United Heating Air, Plumbing, & Electrical
Edwards Plumbing and HVAC
Southern Sash
Carol's Carpet
Pella Windows
Capital Brick
Alpha Lumber
Weatherford & Associates
Robert F. Henry Tile
Inline Electric